Mandy Rose reflects on her future


Mandy Rose reflects on her future
Mandy Rose reflects on her future

After moving to NXT in the summer of 2021 from the main roster, Mandy Rose has risen to become one of WWE's minor show's star girls thanks to her Women's Title win at Halloween Havoc and her unchallenged reign until loss to Roxanne Perez on 13 December 2022.

The morning after that loss that ended her 413-day champion reign, the wrestling world was shocked by her release. At the basis of the decision, the fact that WWE had felt uneasy about the content it was publishing on a special social network.

The images, videos and live feeds were said to have become more graphic in nature in recent weeks, something the Stamford-based federation has not tolerated. WWE felt they had no choice but to fire the girl, as they believed what she had done went beyond the law.

In an interview on 'The Sessions' with Renee Paquette, Mandy Rose tried to shed some light on her future and the circumstances that led to her release.

Update on Mandy Rose

Former NXT champion Mandy Rose revealed that she was not warned of what she was risking: “No one brought to my attention what I was doing on FanTime until the night before I lost the title.

The request came from WWE, from a lawyer. They asked me on social networks only to remove the link to that service. I complied immediately and the day after I lost the title, I was fired. I've never had a warning before, I know there's a lot of news out there saying I've been warned multiple times but that's not the case." The former Toxic Attraction leader recounted the moment of her release: “I was with Indi Hartwell, she had gone upstairs to get ready to go on TV, that day we had to do a double recording and I stayed for that.

I told her, as soon as they told me, that she had been fired. She was incredulous as was I." On her future plans beyond producing content for her subscribers: "There are several things on my mind. Also recently there is my skincare line, which I launched just a few months ago.

I am excited to do so many things "Maybe I'll also get into some beauty products later. Of course, DaMandyz Donuts with Sonya DeVille too. We've been trying to open as many stores as possible and would like to have our own store one day." On a return to wrestling in a wrestling federation: "I don't rule out going back to wrestling in a ring.

My boots aren't hanging up. Right now it's not my goal but it's definitely something to keep in mind for the future ". It would now seem that WWE for Mandy Rose would be a distant memory, at least for now since the girl with the special social FanTime managed to earn over a million dollars in the month of December.

Mandy Rose