Jerry Lawler has started rehab

WWE has had to deal with the dire consequences of the global pandemic

by Simone Brugnoli
Jerry Lawler has started rehab

After last Monday's illness and rehabilitation, it seems that Jerry Lawler has regained his strength and is back in a decent state of health. The update comes directly from the official Twitter profile of the legend and historic commentator for WWE.

The 73-year-old is still hospitalized in Fort Myers, Florida and continues to speak with a distinct weakness and difficulty. The news of the illness came out yesterday evening to then be hospitalized and undergo a delicate operation in which even the worst was thought.

His hospitalization obviously generated a general shock including that of his historic commentary shoulder, Jim Ross, who defined himself in his own podcast shocked and sad by the news. The first attack of this type Ross suffered in 2018, while in 2012 during an episode of Monday Night RAW he had a heart attack that almost led to his death, the same evening in which, among other things, he took part in a tag team match just before.

Below you will be able to recover the photos from his Twitter profile. The last match fought in his career, so far, by Lawler dates back to last January 21 for the AML Acts of War Games 2 show in which he defeated the former ROH Beer City Bruiser in a one on one.

He obviously could not fail to be mentioned a couple of weeks ago in RAW XXX, an episode useful for celebrating the thirty years of activity of the WWE's flagship weekly show.

Update on Jerry Lawler

Waiting for further news, we quote again his last match against Bruiser to remind you that this Saturday our exclusive interview with the former Ring of Honor will be broadcast through the well-known podcast Pro Wrestling Culture.

The PWC, affiliated with, can be found both on this site and on all podcast platforms, on the radio thanks to Radio Libera Tutti and LIVE every Monday afternoon on the Twitch/YouTube Open Wrestling TV channel.

Below are the screenshots needed to be able to tune into the aforementioned podcast every day and remind you, once again, of the interview with Beer City Bruiser available from midnight on Saturday for what will be episode 261 of Pro Wrestling Culture.

WWE veteran Jerry Lawler's unfortunate medical episode has caused the pro-wrestling world considerable anxiety in the past few hours. Considering their long-standing friendship, Jim Ross was able to talk to the veteran and provide an update with a tweet.

"I spoke very briefly with @JerryLawler⁩ tonight. He’s obviously weak but I could understand his affected speech. Jerry’s prognosis is positive but he needs all our thoughts and prayers. #LoveYaKing".

Jerry Lawler