JBL disappears from the scene

JBL is unanimously recognized as one of the best heels of all time

by Simone Brugnoli
JBL disappears from the scene

During the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE staged the split between JBL and Baron Corbin, with the WWE Hall of Famer having managed the company's former King of the Ring winner in recent weeks, who literally turned his back on the young athlete, leaving him alone in the middle of the episode.

After spending several weeks alongside him, therefore, JBL has decided to no longer support Corbin's performances, becoming more and more ashamed of his defeats, with WWE apparently not using JBL as an on-screen character anymore.

forward. To report this rumor, the well-known PW Insider has thought about it in the last few hours, with its journalists who have in fact written: “We have been told that JBL is not slated to appear on WWE programs on a regular basis going forward”.

JBL is a WWE Hall of Famer

To try to save Baron Corbin's character, in recent weeks, WWE had partnered him with JBL, with the "Wrestling God" who was to act as manager to the athlete who previously performed in the Friday Night Smackdown rings.

Since the beginning of their partnership, however, Baron Corbin has collected almost only defeats in the rings on Monday Night Raw, with the last one arriving on Monday night, in the last episode of the red show. After seeing Baron Corbin try to do everything to beat Dexter Lumis in their single match on Raw, it was the ex NXT with the golden mustache who prevailed, who beat Baron Corbin, sending on a rampage JBL, who lost sight of us in the backstage and blurted out against his client.

After scolding him, JBL told Corbin that he was ashamed of his performance and that everything he did alongside him only ruined his reputation as a WrestleMania headline and former world champion, leaving Baron alone backstage and destroying their partnership.

WWE Hall of Famer JBL looked back on his wrestling career recently, including some of the regrets that he had along the way. “I wasn’t ready when I came into the WWE for a big-time run. I thought I was, but I was overwhelmed by the system and, you know because you’re a champion in different places and you’ve been successful in places you’ve been you think you can go up to the big stage and you’re automatically going to be a champion and be successful.

I had that run and right when I kind of figured the business out, my body gave out on me, and that’s the only regret I have”.