New details on Roman Reigns


New details on Roman Reigns
New details on Roman Reigns

“The Tribal Chief”, “The Heade of the Table”, the leader of the Bloodline, the holder of the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, Roman Reigns. From August 2020 to today, we are used to getting to know Roman under these new guises, the same ones that led him to conquer everything and everyone and probably become the biggest WWE star in the history of the number one wrestling federation in the world.

We all know the path of Roman, who before arriving at the current state of things, was part of the Shield with which he conquered the WWE couple titles, to then start in singles after the betrayal of Seth Rollins, but still carrying on the soul of the stable and succeeding in many other victories including the United States title, the Intercontinental one and three WWE Championships and a Universal Championship.

Then, a few weeks after the famous victory of SummerSlam 2018, he had to forfeit due to the return of leukemia, a disease finally defeated which allowed him to return to the scene with an important match in the thirty-fifth edition of WrestleMania against Drew McIntyre.

Roman Reigns is a true champion

From then on, the long, intense, unique path up to today, but even before the main roster, even before NXT, there was FCW, Florida Championship Wrestling, the development sector of World Wrestling Entertainment and in which Roman was he leaves with a dress that is so close to today's.

In the video below Roman Reigns (who in the meantime calls himself "The Boss") appears well dressed, I mean to carry out a promo in which he will then mention various aspects of his work, such as that of defeating anyone who stands in front of him and of conquering every belt at his disposition.

He is strong words, albeit spoken by a young man who is visibly "immature" in the trade, but eager to make success in one of the most fascinating and complicated businesses in the entire globe. Well, the following clip shared by the Twitter profile of the journalist Alejandro Gòmez, serves not only to recall the real origins of the Tribal Chief and how today's role, in the end, was only in his destiny.

Bully Ray, aka Bubba Ray Dudley, recently gave his thoughts on WWE's possible next step in the Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns storyline. "There is one person out there that I would love to hear from today. You know who that is? Dustin.

Because in many ways Dustin had it harder than Cody [being compared to Dusty], and I hope some way, somehow, other than just reading what Dustin has to say on social media, Dustin Rhodes can become a part of this story in some way, shape or form."

Roman Reigns Tribal Chief Universal Champion