Booker T About Real Life Beef with Bautista


Booker T About Real Life Beef with Bautista

Booker T is a legendary WWE Hall Of Famer, and he recently spoke about his real life beef with Dave Bautista. Dave Bautista was actually a very famous WWE Superstar and is also a former member of Evolution, which was at one time the top heel faction in the WWE.

Booker T actually spoke about the real life beef he has with Bautista in 2013 on Wrestling Inc. with Raj Giri. Booker T and Bautista actually fought each other for real in 2006.

Booker T Talks About Internet Jounalists Spreading False Information About Beef

Booker T stated that he actually admire Bautista for his acting and he is happy that he has succeeded in Hollywood.

He also stated that back in 2006, not all wrestlers get along. "If I saw Bautista today, I would give him a hug and tell him how great he's doing in Hollywood," he said. "He's knocking it out. He's freakin' killing it”. Booker T when went on to say that the internet journalists are the ones responsible for giving people the idea of a long-standing beef between him and Dave Bautista.

He also admitted that the two haven’t really spoken about the incident in public or in the media, so nobody really knows the tiny details of the incident. "It was an incident that happened between two men," Booker said.

"And if you're a man, you know something about that. If you're a man who's got testosterone running through your body and you're in a testosterone-driven business, you might get in a fight with somebody. That doesn't mean you hate them.

Don't mean you don't like them. It was an incident that happened." Booker T is well-known for being one of WCW’s top wrestlers back when the company was still in business. Booker T has won the WCW title a total of 5 times and was one of the first wrestlers to join the WWE after WCW was bought by Vince McMahon.

Even though he had to work hard to receive a massive push by the WWE, he never actually found the success in WWE that he did in the WCW. He is a former WWE Heavyweight Champion and is also a former King of The Ring winner. Booker T has entered the WWE Hall of Fame twice, and this is not an honor that many WWE Legends even receive.

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