Gunther breaks yet another record

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Gunther breaks yet another record
Gunther breaks yet another record (Provided by Wrestling World)

During the last few months, WWE is going to destroy all its records, both with its wrestlers who carry on very long reigns (see Roman Reigns or Gunther), and in terms of the federation's takings, which continues to do more and more the record for selling tickets to the federation's weekly live shows.

The latest record seems to be the one set by the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, with the episode aired from Connecticut which saw the highest grossing for a WWE show in the entire history of that market so far.

The announcement was made by the well-known Sean Ross Sapp, journalist of the Fightful website, who reported in one of his latest updates, also reported by the Ringside News website, how WWE has never made such a large income in that area with a weekly live show and saying: "From inside WWE live event reports, last night Smackdown at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut was told to be the highest grossing show in WWE history."

Gunther is a great champion

As had already happened at the end of January, WWE had set the same record with an episode of the blue shwo from Detroit.

As reported in recent days by the well-known Sean Ross Sapp in the Fightful Select podcast and as reported later by Ringside News, WWE had set the box office record for the then last episode of Smackdown, which aired on Friday 20 January from Detroit.

According to the well-known American journalist, in fact: "According to internal live event reports, Smackdown in Detroit was the highest-grossing WWE blue show in the city's history of all time." Therefore, the Road to Wrestlemania already seemed to be approaching with the best intentions that WWE could have at the beginning of the year, with a huge collection already made in a normal episode of the blue show, which gave the insiders hope for the continuation of the shows and the WWE calendar of 2023.

SmackDown star Gunther commented on his re-packaging by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). "Clearly: There are differences. The appearance is slightly different, has a little more color, in the figurative as well as in the literal sense with the red instead of black coat with me.

I can say for myself that I am satisfied with my presentation and that it is not wrong that things are changed and I have to leave my comfort zone a bit."