New plans for Roman Reigns emerge


New plans for Roman Reigns emerge
New plans for Roman Reigns emerge

The match that WWE Universe fans await most of the company's next ppv, Elimination Chamber, is certainly the one valid for the world titles currently held by Roman Reigns, with the Tribal Chief who will have to contend with Sami Zayn, his old Bloodline collaborator , after the betrayal arrived live at the Royal Rumble of the company.

Apparently, if Reigns already has the Elimination Chamber main event ready on one side and the Wrestlemania main event on the other, with the match ready against the winner of the Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes, online the possible plans for him for the post-Wrestlemania, with an event that will arrive in Saudi Arabia, which will see him protagonist in the main event.

According to what was stated in the last few hours by the pages of the Ringside News site, it seems that WWE's plans are to hold a PPV in Arabia immediately after Wrestlemania, in May, with the name of this PPV which could be that of "Wrestlemania Backlash".

The event already seen in the past years in the company's calendar.

Update on Roman Reigns

At the moment these rumors have not yet found official confirmation, but it seems that Roman Reigns will still be the protagonist of the titled main event, however it is not known whether as a champion again or as a challenger after Cody's victory at Wrestlemania.

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, we saw Paul Heyman approach Jimmy Uso in the episode finale, with the Mad Genius who ordered Jey's brother to stay at home in the next WWE shows, i.e. the episode of the blue show and for example Elimination Chamber, to try to catch a few more details than what he could see from the live shows.

According to several journalists, this was a way that WWE had to justify the absence of the two tag team champions from the mini tour in Canada, given Jimmy's legal problems for driving him while intoxicated. Apparently, however, Dave Meltzer would have denied everything, confirming in the last few hours how both Usos have been authorized to be able to enter Canada, despite Jimmy's DUI problems.

Meltzer's words, in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, were in fact: "I was told everything is fine. I'll check again but the first thing they told me was that they were allowed into Canada and I was told that's how they both are.

I'm not sure if it's a storyline now or if there's going to be a blowout at the angle, but they can be part of the show." All this therefore reopens the sensational scenario of a possible arrival at the Elimination Chamber of the couple champions, which in theory were not foreseen by their storyline.

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