Zelina Vega on Being Sick

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Zelina Vega on Being Sick

Professional wrestlers put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans in attendance and the millions that are at home. Unfortunately, some wrestlers suffer bad injuries during matches or during training. They then have to take time off.

Older wrestlers retire after they find out that their bodies are not recovering fast enough to keep up with WWE’s tight schedule. Some wrestlers do not get effected by age, but there are only a handful of them. Wrestlers that do retire early often come back for one more match or one final run with the promotion that they worked at for a long time.

Zelina Vega is unfortunately suffering from a less common problem. She gets sick too often and that is effecting her wrestling career. She recently posted on Twitter: “Why is it that I’ve been getting sick what feels like once a month?!

I hate this.. I even did one of those vitamin IV treatments with extra vitaC but I still feel miserable “ She also shot down rumors that she is pregnant after a fan stated that she might be expecting. She replied: “Uhm no.

You clearly don’t know the difference between being flu like sick and needing vitamin c vs pregnancy morning sickness.. and even if I did, I sure wouldn’t be tweeting about it. So let’s kill that rumor right now”.