MVP talks about the best managers


MVP talks about the best managers

MVP spoke with Josh Martinez of Superstar Crossover, and the topic was the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling managers. Among the people who influenced him the most was Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and he considers him to be the best of all.

“Well, in my opinion, the greatest of all time, the man who I try to pattern myself after and who I was lucky enough to meet and have some interaction with early in my career, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. As a matter of faction, in by diss track to Lashley, I even said, ‘Even though your name is Bobby, I got brains like Heenan.’ I think Bobby Heenan was the best to do because he was incredibly quick witted.

So sharp. He had an incredible mind for the game, and you know, most people are familiar with his later career they don’t realize that he was also a wrestler and as a manger, he would get in there and could take bumps as we say in the industry and that’s where I’m at right now.

”- he said, as quoted by

Paul Heyman and his influence

MVP also recalled several other managers who left a great impression on him. The topic could not be started without mentioning Paul Heyman. We don't have to waste too many words.

“I think Paul Heyman today is everything Bobby Heenan was minus the bumps. I hold up Bobby Heenan in the highest regard. Mount Rushmore of managers, probably the late Gary Hart. I think Gary Hart had a big influence on me when I was younger because he always had the foreign guys…and his promos were very good.

And again, being a Florida guy, I’d have to go with Sir Oliver Humperdink……Now that I think about it, man…I’d have to remove Humperdink and add [Jim] Cornette”.

Mvp Paul Heyman