Roman Reigns breaks new records


Roman Reigns breaks new records
Roman Reigns breaks new records

Bloodline is certainly the stable that is making WWE history the most at the moment, with the internal crisis triggered by the betrayal of Sami Zayn, behind Roman Reigns, during the Royal Rumble, which will certainly bring something big in the future of the Samoan origin team.

Already in the last few episodes of Smackdown, WWE has begun to make it clear how the relationship between Jey Uso and the rest of the team is starting to creak, with a statistic that has re-emerged in the last few hours which seems to open up new scenarios, which WWE could even use to a future storyline between the two cousins.

In fact, many will certainly not remember the first pin suffered in Roman Reigns' WWE career, with the person who pinned him first, which was his younger cousin Jey. The very first defeat suffered by the current Tribal Chief, therefore, was staged at the hands of the current pair champion, Jimmy's twin, with a video that emerged on Reddit, in the past few hours, which left fans stunned, knowing what have the two come to now.

This pin arrived on September 23, 2013, with Reigns losing an 11-on3 elimination handicap match on Monday Night Raw and this defeat is the first on WWE television screens of the current undisputed champion. WWE also now has some newly resurfaced material online to be able to build something on-screen.

Update on Roman Reigns

Apparently, if Roman Reigns already has the Elimination Chamber main event ready on one side and the Wrestlemania main event on the other, with the match ready against the winner of the Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes, online the possible plans for him for the post-Wrestlemania, with an event that will arrive in Saudi Arabia, which will see him protagonist in the main event.

According to what was stated in the last few hours by the pages of the Ringside News site, it seems that WWE's plans are to hold a PPV in Arabia immediately after Wrestlemania, in May, with the name of this PPV which could be that of "Wrestlemania Backlash".

the event already seen in the past years in the company's calendar. At the moment these rumors have not yet found official confirmation, but it seems that Reigns will still be the protagonist of the titled main event, however it is not known whether as a champion again or as a challenger after Cody's victory at Wrestlemania.

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