Update on Matt Cardona's status

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Update on Matt Cardona's status
Update on Matt Cardona's status

One of the many absent from the Royal Rumble who, according to online rumors, should instead have appeared in the company's real fight, is Zack Ryder, the former Intercontinental champion who now fights in the world of independents like Matt Cardona, his real name.

Apparently, his was one of those names that had been approached by the company for weeks, with the arrival of Chelsea Green, life partner, who had almost confirmed her arrival in Stamford, but no trace of him. To talk about a possible return to the McMahon company, Cardona himself thought about it, who said to the microphones of the Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast: "I've been saying this ever since I was released from WWE, that it's not my goal to go back there.

I don't do these 'oh what can I do to get noticed by WWE' things, no. I'm trying to create my own environment but at the same time, I'd be lying if I said I don't want at least one more WrestleMania moment or fight in Madison Square Garden, sure, I would.

I've been living my dream for over a decade and I wouldn't be where I am today without the WWE. I've said it before, WWE was my development and it's not a jab at WWE. They really taught me how to be a superstar and that's why I get to work at NWA, Impact, GCW and all the other independents."

Backstage news on Matt Cardona

During last month's WWE Women's Royal Rumble, Chelsea Green, a former McMahon athlete who had been released along with the many other athletes who returned to the federation cuts wanted by Vince McMahon, also returned to the scene with the company.

Prior to her release, Chelsea Green had been briefly used on Smackdown, only to then get injured and find herself among the athletes WWE no longer needed. After her return to the Rumble, it seems that some insiders have understood what the future of (Matt Cardona) Zack Ryder's life partner will be, with a detail that emerged on Monday Night Raw that someone seems to have missed.

During the athlete's entrance, in fact, the logo of Robert Stone, manager of NXT currently unused, would have been framed at the bottom of the titantron, with the giant letters RS that were framed from the side by the company's cameras.

According to the well-known site Ringside News, it would therefore seem that WWE has already spoiled how Chelsea's future will go, with this detail in plain sight.

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