Booker T reflects on Batista

Batista is a popular name in Hollywood today and has done well for himself as an actor so far

by Simone Brugnoli
Booker T reflects on Batista

Their quarrel dated 2006 has become legendary, but it now seems definitively outdated. Booker T has shot down any lingering rumors that he and Batista (now a big-time actor under his real name of Dave Bautista) have been strained ever since, following a physical altercation when they were colleagues.

and rivals in WWE. Booker T returned to the story by talking about it in a recent episode of his podcast 'Hall of Fame', stating instead that he greatly admires Batista as an actor and wants to tell him in person. "If I saw Dave Bautista today-he said in fact-, I would hug him and tell him that Hollywood is going really big.

I mean, he's really knocking them out. He's tearing them apart, in an incredible way". Then Booker T took it out on "the pundits of the internet", who according to him continue to tell of a hatred between him and Batista which in reality he claims does not exist.

However, he admitted that in fact at the material time both athletes did not deal with the incident in the best way when presenting it to the media. “It was an accident that happened between two men,” Booker T explained.

“And if you're a man, you know these things can happen. Driven by testosterone, you might get into a fight with some of your coworkers. That doesn't mean you hate them. It doesn't mean you don't like them. It was an accident that happened." As an example of how often fights happen, the five-time WCW World Champion revealed that he and Eddie Guerrero almost got into a fight as well, despite being close friends.

“I don't even remember what triggered us that time,” he laughed, wearing the Latino Heat shirt.

Booker T on Batista

Booker T had also told the same story on his 'Hall of Fame Podcast' during the summer of 2022 using rather different terms.

"I've never talked about that incident between Dave Batista and me - he said then -. We weren't friends or anything and me and him, we still had to work together. He wasn't someone I particularly wanted to work with, but I'm a professional , just like Daniel Bryan.

I'm a pro, I go to work and try to get it done. And hopefully, bring something really good to TV. I know for a fact that after that incident with him, I think he and I worked a lot better in the ring, really. I think a lot of things have been smoothed out.

Maybe before that moment there was no respect between us and therefore even in our matches. But after that I'm sure I brought a lot more respect to the ring, in our matches," added Booker T.

Booker T Batista