Matt Cardona on the possibility of returning to WWE

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Matt Cardona on the possibility of returning to WWE
Matt Cardona on the possibility of returning to WWE

Matt Cardona spoke with Jason Powell's Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast. Cardona was asked if he plans to return to WWE. Cardona emphasized that he does not decide everything, but certainly that he would like to be part of the big scene again.

“I’ve been saying since I got released from WWE, it’s not my goal to get back there. I’m not doing things, ‘oh what can I do to get WWE to notice me,’ no. I’m trying to create my own path but at the same time, I’d be lying if I said I never wanted to have another WrestleMania moment or wrestle in Madison Square Garden, of course, I do.

”- he said, as quoted by WWE gave a lot to Cardona, but Cardona also respected WWE from day one and did his best. “I lived my dream for over a decade and I wouldn’t be where I am today without WWE,” Cardona said.

“I said it before, that WWE was my developmental and that’s not a shot at WWE. They truly taught me how to be a superstar and that is why I’m thriving in places like NWA, Impact, GCW, and all these other independents”.

Chelsea Green

One of the topics was the return of Chelsea Green, his wife, to WWE. Cardona is proud of her. “I thought it was absolutely amazing because I knew everybody was gonna be talking about this (Chelsea Green’s Royal Rumble elimination) and then the fact she set a new record.

In her first day back, she’s already setting records. I’m so proud of her. But this is great. What was gonna happen? She flies in there, does a couple moves, in there for five minutes then gets thrown out? No one’s gonna remember that. But this is memorable and a perfect way to re-debut”.

Matt Cardona

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