Bronson Reed on his WWE return

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Bronson Reed on his WWE return
Bronson Reed on his WWE return

Bronson Reed was one of many names to return to WWE since Triple H took over the creative direction of the Stamford-based federation. After returning to WWE, many fans have spoken about his choice to stay or not in NJPW. Eventually the former NXT North American champion moved to the United States and to 'After The Bell with Corey Graves' he explained why.

Bronson Reed in WWE thanks to Triple H

On what brought him back to the Stamford federation, Bronson Reed said: "It was Triple H who brought me back. I always had a great relationship with him and at the time I was working with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

They offered me a renewal to stay longer there and I also had the option of returning to WWE. I texted Hunter just to see if he was interested, he set up a time and then called me. We had a good chat, we not only talked about WWE but also about wrestling in general as well as what I was doing.

He convinced me and I immediately thought it was the right thing to do". Also, Bronson Reed said he was lucky to have worked at NXT and swore he didn't want to let any opportunity slip by during his second stint in WWE. After his release in August 2021, he has appeared in NJPW but not only.

Outside of Japan, he has also appeared in Impact Wrestling and some independent promotions. For the ex Jonah, 2022 was undoubtedly a positive year for his career. From the debut in Japan to the one with Impact up to the return to WWE on the main roster.

Although he has recently returned, Bronson Reed will be part of an important PPV to try to make his mark. In fact, on the January 30 episode of Raw, he defeated Dolph Ziggler and qualified for the Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship.

Austin Theory, Seth Rollins, Montez Ford, Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest will also be in the fight for the crown. Former WWE Superstar Bronson Reed has recalled a time when he soiled his gear during a match. “I was wrestling fellow Australian Duke Hudson.

We’re close friends, we trained with each other, we go back since we were 18. He just decided to f*** with me and during the heat, he double-stomped me. He’s a 295-pound man at the time who double-stomps me in the stomach.

I don’t know what I had eaten for lunch, but as soon as he double-stomped me, it just shot out into my gear."

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