Nikki Bella sends a message to fans

Nikki Bella has struggled sporadically in WWE after her retirement due to some fairly serious neck problems

by Simone Brugnoli
Nikki Bella sends a message to fans

Two great protagonists of the WWE women's division of a few years ago are definitely Nikki Bella and her sister Brie. The twins have had great success in the ring, especially Nikki who was the longest reigning Divas champion in history.

In 2020, the Bella Twins were also inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, despite their incredible popularity, both are often criticized.

Latest news on Nikki Bella

Speaking on the 'Bellas Podcast', Nikki Bella said she's the most hated person in the industry: 'As far as the wrestling world goes, I'm the most hated person.

hated for being misunderstood several times. If I defend women, I am hated. If I defend myself also and I don't understand. The most absurd thing is that I never said I was the best of them all. For some reason, I always showed great passion for this job but they still hate me.

In everything there is a best. I love wrestling and I have enjoyed wrestling in the ring for a long time. I have never claimed to be the best. For people it is as if the I said but it's not like that, even though I'm the longest-running Divas champion ever." The WWE Hall Of Famer revealed that she doesn't understand what she did to make herself hated: “I don't know what I did as a champion to deserve this.

It's really crazy because so many fans hate me. Not all but there are many. I broke my neck wrestling and risked my life many times because of how much I love wrestling. I don't understand what I did then to deserve all of this.

Being successful I think was maybe the worst thing I could have ever done. The more successful I was though, the more I tried to improve women's wrestling. So absurd that there is this hatred towards me”. Nikki has not wrestled in WWE since the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match and she has not even appeared on the special episode of Raw to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary.

Nikki Bella shared that if the right moment comes, The Bella Twins could make a return to WWE. Nikki stated that wrestling never leaves and nobody ever retires from the sport: "Wrestling never leaves you. I hear that from all the past legends.

Wrestling is always there with you. I’m told nobody ever retires (...) If it’s the right moment and it makes sense, we will be back."

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