MVP reveals his biggest inspiration


MVP reveals his biggest inspiration

Many of the current WWE Superstars have drawn inspiration from past legends to enhance their characters. MVP is no exception, who is doing very well as manager of Omos, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. In a long interview with 'Superstar Crossover', the former United States champion revealed that he was inspired a lot by a WWE Hall of Famer: "I've always had a boundless admiration for Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, I consider him the greatest of all time.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have been inspired by him since the beginning of my career. I think Bobby was the best in so many ways because he was incredibly charismatic and witty. He had an incredible mind for this business." Although he hasn't played a match in WWE since July 2022, MVP has carved out an important space for himself on Raw and always elicits strong reactions from the public.

MVP plays an important role

Guest in the latest edition of 'WWE The Bump', MVP spent beautiful words for the former Raw Tag Team Champion Omos. “Wherever I've been during my career, I've always been the champion. I know how to win and I proved it alongside Bobby Lashley, who was going through a crisis before we teamed up.

I helped him unlock his potential and thanks to me he got to the level he deserves. He had never reached such heights before I intervened ”- said MVP. “I will use those same moves and strategies to elevate Omos' character.

We are talking about a future WWE champion, I have no doubts about that” - he commented. A lot of things have changed in WWE in recent months and the sensational return of Vince McMahon has upset the balance again. The latter was elected as executive chairman of the board of directors, while his daughter Stephanie resigned amid general amazement.

Triple H remained at the head of the creative team and organized a Royal Rumble with all the trimmings, but there are rumors that the company will be sold by the first part of 2023. Former WWE writer Vince Russo has spoken up about Omos and MVP's recent booking.

"The only thing they have left to do is have him turn on MVP and getting him over to babyface. What else can they do? What are they gonna do bro? What else are they gonna do to this guy at this point? I don't know why would they put him together in a team. Bro, it's all house show stuff. If this were a house show you went to, we're fine."

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