*Spoiler* GUNTHER put on a show


*Spoiler* GUNTHER put on a show

Kayla Braxton interviews Rey Mysterio by broadcasting a video of her and Santos Escobar exchanging masks as a sign of respect, but Karrion Kross and Scarlett interrupt them, with him telling him that he once wanted to be a father, but after seeing Rey and Dominik, he lost his temper, calling him pathetic as a father.

Asuka vs. Liv Morgan Carmella sits down at the announce table telling Wade to stop flirting with her because she's moved to the best color commentator there is, Corey Graves, as Asuka and Liv begin to fight in the ring. Oh watch out for Raquel Rodriguez who comes picking on Carmella who was badmouthing her at her comment OH BUT FROM BEHIND ALSO COMES NIKKI CROSS KISSING MICHAEL COLE AND THEN GETTING ON THE TABLE ASKING FOR THE FIGHT BETWEEN RAQUEL AND CARMELLA.

Meanwhile Liv Morgan takes control against Asuka in the ring. Returning from the break, Asuka nearly pinned Liv Morgan as Natalya made it to ringside. What a mess mama mia! Returning to the fight, the two wrestlers are giving us a very good match and Liv Morgan gives in shortly after to the submission of Asuka.

Madcap Moss got the opportunity to win his first major title in WWE as he took on Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER on SmackDown.

Madcap Moss vs. GUNTHER

ATTENTION CARMELLA ARRIVES WITH A KICK IN ASUKA and an absurd chain of moves starts among all those present who we remember will compete in the Elimination Chamber.

Raquel holds out her hand to Liv and helps her up, BUT LIV ATTACKS THE TEXANA, Asuka takes her out of her and she and Liv look up at the cage, scrutinizing each other. Will they be the last two to remain inside the Elimination Chamber to play for the victory? Again Helwani talking about how excited the audience is for Sami and meanwhile backstage Gunther is interviewed backstage by Megan Morant, where he says that he doesn't care about anything, that anyone who challenges him will fall defeated.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER (c) (w/ Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) vs. Madcap Moss (w/ Emma) The two immediately start blocking themselves in the center of the ring and then in the corner where Gunther fills poor Madcap with Chops who is not at all a fan.

The match continues with some technical holds by the champion, while Moss tries to work on speed and agility, remaining in command even when we return from the break. Surprisingly he does very well, even risking pinning Gunther several times. In the end, however, the Ring General crashes him to the ground with a powerbomb and pins him to retain the title.

Gunther Smackdown