Matt Cardona on the transition from Zack Ryder to Matt Cardona

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Matt Cardona on the transition from Zack Ryder to Matt Cardona
Matt Cardona on the transition from Zack Ryder to Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona was a guest on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast. He had a lot to say about the transition from Zack Ryder to Matt Cardona. “So even before I got let go from WWE, I knew the woo woo woo goofy sh*t had to change.

I stopped wearing the headband, the glasses, got in great shape, and grew the beard. It’s like, you could pitch stuff all day, but you don’t write the show. I don’t have the pencil. I can try my best to express who I want to be, but unless you’re portrayed that way on television, it’s just not going to work.

Not that I had handcuffs on, but when I was released by WWE, the handcuffs were off and I could just be me and try anything and throw it against the wall. I wish I could say this is all calculated, but it wasn’t. I was just fu**ing trying anything and taking any booking I could”.

- Cardona said, as quoted by

Matt Cardona

At one point he knew he had to bring about changes and show his true self. “When that GCW deathmatch got presented to me, I said, ‘No fu**ing way. I’m not wrestling this fu**ing guy, this fu**ing criminal, this guy who’s on Dark Side of the Ring.

There’s no fu**ing way I’m doing this backyard sh*t. Then I took a step back and I said, ‘Well, it will definitely create some buzz. People are gonna want to see Zack Ryder get carved up by Nick Gage.’ I didn’t anticipate how much buzz it would create and it changed everything for me.

It changed my career, my life. That’s what I needed. That was the step that I needed to change from what people thought of Zack Ryder to the new Matt Cardona”.

Matt Cardona

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