Jeff Jarrett on Paul Heyman criticizing TNA in 2008

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Jeff Jarrett on Paul Heyman criticizing TNA in 2008
Jeff Jarrett on Paul Heyman criticizing TNA in 2008 (Provided by Wrestling World)

"My World with Jeff Jarrett" was an opportunity for Jeff to talk about Paul Heyman and the criticism he directed at TNA in 2008. Jarrett considers Heyman one of the 'funniest' guys. "I didn’t have a conversation. Me and Paul reacquainted ourselves four or five years ago and we just, we text often and he’s one of the funniest guys.

He’s great. He’s a character, man. But, so I never had a conversation. The luxury of doing this podcast Conrad, is kind of want to look back. Bob Carter talked to Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff before he came in, he was very outspoken.

‘I don’t even know who AJ Styles is,’ you know, different things like that. Paul made those comments, they’re all fair enough. They were obviously — I don’t even want to call them casual watchers maybe, just we were so under the radar in so many ways."- he said, as quoted by

Jeff Jarrett and Paul Heyman

Jarrett explained in detail his view.

“And if you would have asked Paul, because you know he commented on, ‘It’s a vanity project,’ and I know exactly it’s the connotation of Dixie Carter. The analogy of he’s tying it to Dixie Carter vanity, but I believe if you would have asked Paul during this time ‘Hey Paul, do you think TNA’s making any money?’ He probably would have said not a penny losing.

I think the perception because of our first, two, three, four years is that we were that vanity thing that just continued to just show up. I think if he would have got under the hood he would have still said ‘You know what, we need to brand TNA more.

We need to make AJ Styles the centerpiece.’ All of his points there’s some validity to all of them. I think he wasn’t completely in engaged or knew all the pieces of the puzzle. Because, I believe if he did have I think he would have said things maybe, maybe not with a different twist”.

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