*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar loses his mind


*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar loses his mind

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley clashed at Elimination Chamber, the PPV staged on Saturday in Montreal. The Beast reportedly went totally off-script during the meeting. The battle between 'The Beast Incarnate' and 'The All Mighty' went faster than expected and ended when Lesnar dealt Lashley a low blow after being unable to free himself from the latter's Hurt Lock last.

The referee sanctioned the end of the match and awarded the victory to Bobby by disqualification. Brock was so out of his mind that he landed a devastating F-5 at the referee. He then cleared the announce table and also attacked poor Lashley.

Not yet satiated, the former Universal champion slipped a second F-5 to the referee on the announce table. Bryan Alvarez reported that Lesnar's second F-5 was not included in the plans.

Brock Lesnar is uncontrollable

Last month, a similar incident occurred during the Royal Rumble match.

After being knocked out by Bobby Lashley, a furious Brock Lesnar attacked the referee at ringside and threw him over the barricade. It was reported that Brock was reprimanded backstage after that spot, but no serious action was taken against him.

Elimination Chamber was supposed to be the final chapter in the Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley rivalry, but the way the match ended leaves the door open for a future rematch. Wrestling legend Konnan believes Brock Lesnar is not in the top five wrestlers of any era.

“Brock Lesnar has always been a very divisive character” – explained Konnan in the latest edition of the podcast 'Keepin' It 100' “To be honest, I don't think the Beast is a top five all-time wrestler.

I really appreciate his style in the ring and he's definitely a top five performer on the current WWE roster, but he's not a top five all time." What is certain is that the Beast has not tired of causing discussion. Brian James, also known as Road Dogg, has given his take on why Brock Lesnar ended Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship reign so abruptly.

“I think it probably was FOX, Brock Lesnar, cross appeal,” James said. “He’s a [big] name and Vince loves him, and Vince is drawing with him, and so tried and true, ‘Hey, let’s shock the world, send him out there, and kill him in a minute.

Blah, blah, blah.’ I can hear him saying it now. It is what it is. Maybe Big E would have given a better battle”.

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