Was Montez Ford seriously injured?


Was Montez Ford seriously injured?

Elimination Chamber 2023 gave fans entertainment and emotions. Bronson Reed, Johnny Gargano, Damian Priest, Seth Rollins, Montez Ford and Austin Theory battled for the United States title in what was arguably the most electrifying match of the entire evening.

During the contest, Montez Ford suffered an injury and was taken out of the cage. Ford appeared to be seriously injured after being brutally beaten by Seth Rollins, but apparently the injury may not be real. Looking back at the images, it can be seen that Logan Paul enters the cage just as Montez is taken out.

'The Maverick' only appeared when the door opened to allow Ford to be rescued, a non-trivial detail and hardly qualified as a simple coincidence. It is therefore probable that the member of the Street Profits has not been injured for real, but that it is only a kayfabe.

Was Montez Ford hurt?

After organizing a Royal Rumble with all the trimmings, Triple H didn't disappoint the fans even at Elimination Chamber. The 14-time world champion is doing his best to enhance his talents and is leaving no one behind.

The Game remained head of the creative team even after the sensational return of Vince McMahon, while Stephanie resigned to general amazement. According to the latest rumors, Vince intends to sell the company by the first part of 2023.

In an update from Bloomberg's Lucas Shaw, it was reported that Vince McMahon is looking to sell WWE for $9 billion, even if the current value of the company would be $6.5 billion. Endeavor, which also owns UFC, and Middle Eastern investors are listed as potential suitors to buy WWE.

The report said, "Large strategic buyers, such as Netflix Inc. and Walt Disney Co., may be uncomfortable taking on a McMahon-controlled business involving the sometimes messy personal lives of its wrestlers." WWE RAW Superstar Montez Ford has opened up about possibly transitioning into a singles superstar and his dream of becoming a world champion.

"But I will say, on other hand, [being WWE Champion] has been a dream as a little kid," said Ford. "My mom still sends me photos, all the time, of me holding up my own WWE Championship and even me having my hand out in front of my face.

My little mini dream. But it's always a dream to be a World Champion, and I don't think that ever goes away. I feel like all the guys and everyone that's here, if you're not trying to be the guy then — obviously you want to make money, that's the main thing, but you always want to the man, too."

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