Arn Anderson compared Steve Austin with a wrestling star


Arn Anderson compared Steve Austin with a wrestling star
Arn Anderson compared Steve Austin with a wrestling star

Arn Anderson talked about Steve Austin in his "ARN" podcast. Right at the start, he noticed what kind of wrestler he was talking about, and made a comparison between him and Ivan Koloff. Both worked hard and gave their best at every moment.

“When I first started seeing Steve work, I put him in the Ivan Koloff class. Those of us that know Ivan Koloff, and really [were] around when he was working, and could be in arenas and watch him work house shows… he’s a machine.

He’s an animal. He never quit coming forward."- he said, as quoted by Anderson emphasized that you always had to prepare before fighting such a wrestler. “If you’re working with him, same with Steve, if you were gonna have a competitive match with Steve, you better be prepared to fight him, and meet him halfway.

Because he was just gonna keep coming, and he was a machine, as well. Until you gave him a reason to sell for you, brother, he was all about getting himself over, and offense”.

Steve Austin and his character

Austin was a 'machine' man.

Capable, measured and could do anything. No wonder why he built such a great career. His dedication, sacrifice, and motivation were always an example for others. “In those days, that’s how a heel got over. Even though you might get outwrestled, or outflanked, or outpunched, man, you just kept coming.

You were looking for one opening. If you could find one opening, you were gonna kick the door down. That was what Austin was exemplifying already. He was a cardio machine. Having a big gas tank in those days. His pace was really fast, so you better be in shape if you’re gonna work fifteen minutes with Austin because, man, he was a go-getter”.

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