Batista receive a huge recognition


Batista receive a huge recognition
Batista receive a huge recognition

Batista had to work hard to establish himself as one of the biggest superstars of the modern era. 'The Animal' has garnered a ton of accolades during his run in WWE, becoming world champion and taking part in several memorable feuds.

The former heavyweight champion was supposed to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as early as 2020, but the event was postponed due to the outbreak of the pandemic. WWE then decided to merge the 2020 and 2021 classes, but Batista requested that his induction into the HOF be postponed since he was unable to attend the ceremony.

According to reports from '', Dave will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just this year. Recall that the former world champion played his last match at WrestleMania 35, where he was defeated by his great friend Triple H.

Batista is a WWE legend

Following in the footsteps of The Rock and John Cena, Batista made it big in Hollywood by appearing in several blockbuster films. However, Dave remained tied to WWE and does not mind making appearances every now and then.

The Stamford federation has had to deal with many shocks in recent months and the sensational return of Vince McMahon has called everything into question. Triple H remained at the head of the creative team and is doing very well in this new role.

“I think Hunter is the right man to lead the company through this transition, I'm serious. I know HHH very well both personally and professionally and I can assure you that he is madly in love with this business. As far as business goes, he's one of the smartest and sharpest men he's ever known.

I would never have been so successful in wrestling if it weren't for him. I'm not ashamed to say that Triple H has been decisive for my career” – said Batista in an interview with 'ComicBook' It is rumored that WWE will be sold by the first part of 2023 and that Vince McMahon aims to earn $9 billion from the sale of his jewel.

He revealed that he walked out on top and was living a luxurious life. Soon after, he went broke for three straight years and couldn't get a job to support himself. "So about eight months later I walked out the door and they didn't think I was going to.

I walked out on top. I was very comfortable. I was making a very good living and I walked out. Then I starved for three years. I went broke and lost everything. I couldn't get a job. I said, 'I will never go back to wrestling until I prove what I set out to prove that I could make it as an actor.' "


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