Mick Foley praises Darby Allin

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Mick Foley praises Darby Allin
Mick Foley praises Darby Allin

Mick Foley spoke about a variety of topics on his 'Foley is Pod' podcast. Darby Allin was one of the topics. Foley thinks Allin has a lot of advantages and is a great talent. “He’s a phenomenal athlete and he comes from the world of extreme sports.

So he’s like a cat and then he lands on his feet. He’s got incredible body control. But I think every performer has to find a different gear that they can go into as much wild stuff as I did. I was able to temper it with the promos and by shifting gears and injecting humor”.

- Foley said, as quoted by pwmania.com Foley also had a message for him. "I think almost every guy with a long history, not talking about the guys who could go from territory to territory and basically recreate that same push each time, talking about the guys who had the long runs in WWE, WCW found another gear and that it often involved humor.

And so Darby, I haven’t seen him in a couple of years or talked to him, but he’s a soft spoken young man and he probably should find a way to add layers to that character that doesn’t necessitate taking those risks all the time”.

Mick Foley on Lita's return: I am happy

Foley talked about Lita's return to the big stage about 10 days ago. Mick is happy for her, since the two are friends. Foley is aware of the qualities that Lita possesses and will be a great addition to the WWE.

“I’m happy to see Lita back in the fold. For those of you who may have heard about a show we may or may not be doing together. Lita and I were always good friends, but we’d become really tight through the course of this project, and I’m really happy for her. She’s a big-time player”.

Mick Foley Darby Allin

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