Nikki Bella on her WWE experience

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by Simone Brugnoli
Nikki Bella on her WWE experience

During the latest podcast 'The Sessions' with Renee Paquette, WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella opened up about her reality show and her uncredited credits for revolutionizing women's wrestling.

Nikki Bella opens up on WWE

Former Divas women's champion Nikki Bella reiterated that she has never received due credit for her contributions to the women's revolution: “I think I can understand what happened to me and Brie.

At the time they made people believe so much that Brie and I were only into reality TV. Everyone assumed we were only there for our amazing, amazing men. In the end I chose to try to show the beautiful side of women's wrestling.

I thought what the women were doing was extraordinary. Yet they weren't appreciated enough and deserved more." As for her reality show, Nikki Bella revealed how she and her sister Brie were born ready to star in a TV show of that type: "I think either you were born into it or you're not fit to appear on TV.

I think it's one of the things Brie and I were lucky at. We're not movie stars but we were born to be stars nonetheless. Our friends always said so. Helping us out is that we're not strict about our weight and what we eat or other.

We like to have fun and we don't often care how we appear to be. I think that translates well into reality TV because we don't hide anything. We are open books, everyone can learn about the good parts of us and the less so. Honestly Total Divas deserved some more praise because we were literally on the verge of beating the Kardashians in the charts.

We were rocking the world and having a blast." About Her On her return to in-ring competition about her: “I miss what I used to do so much. When I do cardio and listen to music, I think back to the storylines and promos I did.

Sometimes I watch WWE but only the women's division and during some matches I think 'oh, that would be fun to be a part of' I would love to go back to WWE and do something but everything is so different now. I also became a mother, it's nothing like before." Nikki Bella shared that if the right moment comes, The Bella Twins could make a return to WWE.

"Wrestling never leaves you. I hear that from all the past legends. Wrestling is always there with you. I’m told nobody ever retires (...) If it’s the right moment and it makes sense, we will be back."

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