Moral in the WWE backstage has worsened

WWE continues to break records and to be successful by writing new pages of history

by Simone Brugnoli
Moral in the WWE backstage has worsened

WWE continues to break records and to be successful by writing new pages of history. The latest elimination Chamber was the most visible ever and the one that obtained the greatest collections. In full Road to Wrestlemania 39, the Stamford Federation has been obtaining significant praise for the product offered in recent weeks with television plays that continue to be important.

Despite this, it would not be all pink and flowers behind the scenes. According to an indiscretion, the idea of a WWE sale would have changed the climate inside the backstage. The majority of WWE’s main-roster superstars performed in Triple H’s NXT before joining Vince McMahon’s RAW and SmackDown brands.

WWE is about to be sold

A few me if it does, after the resignation of Vince McMahon due to accusations of misconduct, it had emerged that the atmosphere had improved compared to before. Since Vince returned as an executive president of the WWE and is working on the sale of the Federation, according to what reported by Mike Johnson of the Pwinsider, the positive energy that had initially brought Triple H and Stephanie McMahon seems vanished.

The same journalist added that bad moods not only come from the wrestlers but also from figures not yet known. The feeling you have in the backstage is the fact that a possible sale of the company could lead to large changes inside, with the risk of starting mass releases.

As for the timing of a WWE sale, the Federation employees believe that the operation in question will be quite quick. In a recent interview, the WWE CEO Nick Khan has revealed that such an operation could be defined within three months.

Apparently the name of Vince McMahon would have returned to being mentioned on the last night of Monday Night Raw with several fans and professionals who noticed the thing while others do not. During the promo aired of the Wrestlemania 39 match between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes, the name of Vince appeared right at the forefront as the director of this film.

Former WWE executive Jim Ross has revealed that Vince McMahon does not watch non-WWE wrestling shows. “Vince doesn’t watch other wrestling shows,” Ross said. “You’ve heard that from a lot of guys, such as Arn [Former WWE producer Arn Anderson], Bruce [WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard], all those guys.

They’ll tell you the same story. He’s not gonna go watch more wrestling, like I did this morning at three o’clock”.

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