Goldberg is much hated for a reason


Goldberg is much hated for a reason
Goldberg is much hated for a reason

For wrestling fans who grew up in the late 90s, there was always the eternal fight between Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin. A debate that has come to this day. WCW fans are more attached to Bill, while WWE fans are more supportive of Steve Austin.

In the latest edition of 'The Wrestling Outlaws', EC3 explained why Goldberg is hated more than Stone Cold: “I think the big difference between the two is that Steve Austin was authentic and has always remained in this business, while Goldberg he never wanted to do it all his life.

Also, Steve Austin's matches were super spectacular and had crazy pace. The crowd went wild when he was in the ring. Very few athletes were able to keep up with him."

Goldberg is a WWE Hall of Famer

Goldberg had made his return to WWE in 2016 to general amazement, giving himself a sort of second youth and taking away the satisfaction of beating athletes much younger than him.

His last television appearance is rather dated and his future is not very clear. During the WrestleMania 39 weekend, Goldberg will appear with the Young Bucks at the 'WrestleCon' event. In an interview with 'WSI' and reported by Sportskeeda, Erik Watts recalled a conversation he had with the WWE Hall of Famer early in his career: "I asked Bill Goldberg what his thoughts were on wrestling and he told me he replied that it was not a business that interested him.

He said it was all fiction. His goal was to train to get into the UFC. I explained to him that he would never make it. The only way to make it in mixed martial arts is to train hard from a young age." Bill remained out of the ring for 12 years, then made his surprise return to WWE at the 2016 Survivor Series to face Brock Lesnar.

Since then, the former Universal Champion has taken part in a limited number of fights and has only worked part-time. Many fans and insiders have criticized WWE's choice to let Goldberg win the Universal title on two different occasions, defeating Kevin Owens and The Fiend respectively.

During Jeff Jarrett's recent My World podcast, the AEW executive recalled Dixie Carter's attempts at signing Goldberg. "Dixie [Carter] had a lunch with him several years later that I think you could classify [as interest] on Dixie's part for sure, substantially.

I don't think on Bill's part," Jarrett said. "Bill made a lot of money in WCW and made a lot of money at WWE. Bill's a businessman first and foremost. I never viewed any of the conversations with Bill as substantial strictly off of there isn't enough money for Bill to come."