The Rock's family wants to see him in WWE


The Rock's family wants to see him in WWE
The Rock's family wants to see him in WWE

After all these months of rumors that he would soon challenge his cousin Roman Reigns and after the non-appearance at Royal Rumble 2023 despite people expecting it after the main event between the Tribal Chief and Kevin Owens, Triple H had wanted to clarify the relationship between WWE and The Rock in the post Royal Brawl press conference: “He's really very busy.

[…] I know for him, and I know his family and his background, that there's a part of him that, if he could be here for this and this WrestleMania in Hollywood, would move rocks and walk through fire to be able to do it., if he could." But besides the fans and Triple H, there would also be Dwayne Johnson's entire family to see him well again in WWE and Tamina thought about it in an interview with Insider: "All of us, including his mother, want him to come back.

I feel that everyone they want him to come back. He was born to do it, he was created for it. Wrestling is a love. Dwayne is a great mentor, you know, because I started because of him. He is a great example. The way he is in interviews, he is really- he, he's really that funny guy.

He's that man, that husband, and he's that loving father. His girls are crazy about their dad. You see him as a character, you see him as a superstar in the WWE. It's all things different, but he's an entrepreneur. He could probably be the next president, and I'm proud of him.

You can never repay anyone for that, for the kind of love they show you." Recently there has also been talk of the possibility that there was bad blood between The Rock and WWE due to WrestleMania 39.

Backstage news on The Rock

Tamina speaks above all of gratitude towards The Rock in that interview as he has always helped everyone in the family, including her who remained a single mother almost immediately, with her cousin giving her houses and cars to help her, as happened recently in summer 2022.

The Rock has made millions (and millions!) of dollars and is using some of his earnings to take care of those close to him. He stated that he wanted to bring stability to his cousin's life and her children with a new home: "She deserves a lot more.

Been a single mom, raising two kids all while living the hard life as a pro wrestler - on the road, wrestling nightly for YEARS. I wanted to bring a little stability in my cousin’s life for her and her kids".

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