Some canceled plans for Matt and Jeff Hardy revealed

Jeff Hardy is arguably one of the most spectacular and controversial athletes to have performed in WWE in the modern era

by Simone Brugnoli
Some canceled plans for Matt and Jeff Hardy revealed

The Hardy Boyz, or Matt and Jeff Hardy, have been a very important symbol for the WWE tag team division, with fans who still today recall their feats in the ring with pleasure together with couples like the Dudley Boyz or Edge and Christian.

According to what was told by Matt Hardy in his The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, however, although the two have done so much in the company, WWE had canceled some interesting plans for them: "Something they proposed is that they had an idea and it was creative.This was sparked by Vince Russo who wanted me and Jeff to do DX and we loved [the idea].

You'll see moments, if you look back in 1998, where there's several times, we probably do this for like four or five weeks straight, when we get in the ring, we get up on the posts, and Jeff and I are doing, we DX [hand sign ].

We were going to commit to DX and then end up being like their lackeys to some extent, then commit to them and see how this could all play out, and then maybe we could legitimately be a part of DX when it was all said and done”.

Update on Jeff and Matt Hardy

In the end, however, WWE was not convinced by canceling the plans, as confirmed by Matt Hardy: "It was an idea that Vince Russo had and he wanted to try. In the end, we did it for like four or five weeks and they said, 'Okay, that's enough.

We're not going to, like, you know, these guys aren't quite ready, let them do whatever.' Then he stopped immediately and never revisited again”. Currently Matt and Jeff Hardy are under contract with All Elite Wrestling, even if the latter is still after yet another arrest, with the process that has concluded in the last few hours, and now we are all waiting to know if he will return or not to wrestle in the AEW rings, while Matt continues his on-screen work.

Speaking on a recent edition of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Morrison reflected on his matches with Hardy and also looked back on working with The Hardy Boyz. "Things that come to mind are like working with Jeff [Hardy] as a tag, MNM vs.

The Hardys, singles matches, Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff, like the finish of one of our cage matches, like in 2007. I thought was still one of my favorite cage match finishes," said Morrison.

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