Will WWE bet heavily on several AEW stars?


Will WWE bet heavily on several AEW stars?
Will WWE bet heavily on several AEW stars?

As already reported in the morning, WWE would be thinking of going to get their hands on one of the most important talents of the AEW roster: we are talking about Kenny Omega, former AEW world champion and now Trios Champion together with the other two of the Elite, the Young Bucks.

With a sensational market hit, the manager of the three could bring all three big names to the McMahon court, with the names of the three creators of AEW which, however, would not be the only ones that would interest WWE at this point.

As revealed in the latest update by Dave Meltzer, in his Wrestling Observer Radio Show, also reported on the pages of Ringside News, WWE would be targeting several AEW stars with their contract expiring at the beginning of this 2023.

Meltzer's words were in fact: “A lot of key deals are ending with AEW this year and WWE is going to go hard on all the good ones. Also, there are a lot of deals ending with WWE as well and Tony Khan has to get the product and the perception of the product, they become more attractive, so as not to send the kids elsewhere, so as not to make them say 'they are solid, they have a lighter agenda, they are financially stable, they are doing well'.

but right now I don't think the perception of WWE talent is to go anywhere else. The key, then, is that for WWE talent, they have to think 'Hey this is a breath of fresh air for me and I'm in the middle' They'll have to be the right guys for AEW."

WWE and AEW are rivals

In his latest Newsletter, Dave Meltzer had already wanted to confirm to the Wrestling Observer microphones, how Kenny Omega's contract ended at the end of January, having been a 4-year contract, signed on February 1, 2019.

Therefore, according to the well-known journalist, Kenny Omega should now be one of the most sensational and weighty free agents of the moment, with his desire to experiment and do new things that could lead him directly to WWE.

According to the latest rumors, in fact, several WWE executives would be very happy with Omega's performance and fighting style, with him being a free agent who could appeal to Triple H and associates on a possible deal. Furthermore, being Omega's personal manager Barry Bloom, the same one who represents the Young Bucks, the feeling is that if an agreement is not found to keep Omega in AEW, the manager can find an agreement to bring all three wrestlers in WWE, as a kind of package deal.

Throughout his career, Bloom has represented some of the biggest wrestlers of all time, such as Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and many more.

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