WWE changes some SmackDown plans at the last minute


WWE changes some SmackDown plans at the last minute
WWE changes some SmackDown plans at the last minute

In recent years Vince McMahon had accustomed us to the biggest program upheavals with the live broadcasts of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, with the WWE Superstars who very often had to memorize a new script right next to the live broadcasts or even improvise part of completely different segments, foreseen until a few hours before.

With the advent of Triple H as head of the creative team, however, this practice was immediately arrested, with the Triple working instead in the long term, going to create a more stable and continuous storyline over time, without constant upheavals or change your mind at the last second.

In the latest episode of Smackdown, which aired only last Friday, however, there would have been some minor hiccups, with two segments that would have been cut from the original script. This news was reported by Sean Ross Sapp to the microphones of the usual podcast of the Fightful site, with these words that were also reported free of charge on the pages of Ringside News and with the well-known journalist who said: "Tegan Nox was originally scheduled to sell an injury backstage at the show.

Liv Morgan was scheduled for a backstage segment up until a couple hours into the show."

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Apparently, neither segment would eventually be included in the SmackDown lineup, just like Trish Stratus' return to Monday Night Raw, expected in recent weeks and already skipped twice.

On the night of February 20, apparently, Trish Stratus should also have appeared during Raw, as various rumors had already suggested for days, with the other WWE Hall of Famer who was in fact present in the backstage, but who no longer came out in the ring , for a last-second change in the company's plans.

According to what was reported in the last few days by the Fightful site, through the words of the usual Sean Ross Sapp and then also reported on the pages of Ringside News, in fact: "Trish Stratus was scheduled to appear during Bayley's Ding Dong Hello segment, but that ended up not happening.

Instead, Lita and Becky Lynch appeared and issued their challenge for the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles. Details regarding this change are currently very few, but it has been confirmed that Trish Stratus was in the original plans.

In fact, Trish Stratus was physically at the show in Ottawa, but she left before the segment aired. When we asked what happened, we were simply told it was a 'change of plans' but we will surely find out more."

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