WWE has some interesting plans for The Usos

WWE has had to deal with the dire consequences of the global pandemic

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE has some interesting plans for The Usos

In recent weeks, we have seen several problems within the WWE Bloodline, with Sami Zayn betraying the Tribal Chief, hitting him in the back with a chair at the Royal Rumble and then with Jey Uso letting go a bit, with his family, disappearing into thin air for several days.

After seeing Jey return to defend his titles on Smackdown, we still understood that Jimmy's twin is not so convinced of the path he has taken the stable, with Jimmy being dumped again in the last episode of the blue show.

Apparently, however, WWE would have already had the opportunity to create alternative plans for its audience, given that Jey has no intention of remaining alongside Jimmy as always happened before. After last Friday's Friday Night Smackdown live broadcast, where Jimmy was left speechless after trying to talk to his brother, WWE saw fit to stage a match with Jimmy flanked by another member of the Bloodline anyway.

After the airing of Smackdown, in fact, Jimmy Uso and his younger brother Solo Sikoa teamed up to go and clash with The OC, as reported by the Ringside News site, as also happened in other house shows of the company. To sell Jey's rejection of the Bloodline, WWE stages a match with Solo Sikoa instead of his older brother, with fans following the company's live events, who could soon see this contest instead of The Usos together in the ring.

We just have to wait to stay close to Wrestlemania 39 to understand how WWE will move with its main roster tag team champions.

The Usos have been close to AEW

One of the biggest tag teams that has left WWE in recent years, certainly responds to the name of FTR, known in the McMahon rings as Revival, currently working in the Khan family's AEW rings.

Apparently, while the two were negotiating their exit from WWE or their possible renewal with the McMahons, an insane idea would also have come to the team's mind, with the FTR wanting to bring The Usos with them too, in what would later become AEW in the future.

In the latest interview with Dax Hardwood, in the FTR podcast, the former WWE and AEW tag team champion stated: "Yes, I remember it very well when we signed again and we were however still open to multiple other ideas for other teams too.

At that time we already knew what we wanted to do, we weren't going to sign the renewal they offered us, even if it was a big amount of money, but we were turning it down. It was very exciting for us at that time, to think that some people might follow us into what would later become AEW.

Because if we had gone to AEW, and AEW already had the Young Bucks, then it would have had the Usos and us, it would have had the best three tag teams in the world, who could finally work together and be able to go once and for all.

to do what they wanted, without training wheels to follow an already wanted path and that was very exciting for me. But they did what was best for them and their families. They stayed with WWE and Vince McMahon gave them a lot of chances at the time and they managed to do a lot with the chances they gave them."

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