Not everyone likes WWE decisions


Not everyone likes WWE decisions
Not everyone likes WWE decisions

Over the years, numerous athletes, singers, boxers, actors and so on and so forth, who had nothing to do with the world of pro-wrestling, have become part of some McMahon storyline for Wrestlemania, with this WWE gimmick, which obviously served to attract as much audience as possible, which made the WWE atetl turn up a bit.

In fact, several Superstars have remained over the years without a Wrestlemania commercial, because these spaces had been sold out by celebrities, a bit what led CM Punk to leave WWE, for never having had a Wrestlemania main event, unlike The Rock, who returned to Hollywood after years to immediately have a place in the plans that count for the Showcase of the Immortals.

Apparently, even this year, when WWE has included Logan Paul in the Wrestlemania card (not yet officially), there still seems to be someone who turns up their noses at this eventuality. As reported by the Wrestling News website, in its paid part and transcribed for free on the Ringside News pages, in fact: "There's also an unhappiness about some slots on the show that have been used for legends and celebrities.

Of course, that could change but those we spoke to were not happy with their involvement by the company in the biggest show of the year in Los Angeles."

WWE makes big decisions

Trish Stratus was backstage on Monday Night Raw a week ago, but plans for her return have been cancelled.

14-time world champion Triple H has brought several legends back to WWE in recent months and had intended to do the same with Stratus, but changed his mind at the last minute for undisclosed reasons. Trish was supposed to take on Ding Dong, Hello a Raw, but Becky Lynch and Lita interrupted Damage CTRL and challenged Dakota Kai and IYO SKY for the tag team titles (tonight).

Some fans fear that the company has decided to permanently cancel the return of Stratus, but that doesn't appear to be the case. According to reports from Fightful Select in the past few hours, Trish Stratus did not appear in Monday's episode due to creative changes.

The relationship between Trish and WWE would still be excellent and her return should materialize shortly. Following his huge win last month, Triple H praised the mental and physical strengths of Cody Rhodes at the Royal Rumble Post Show Press Conference. "I will congratulate Cody on going through what he did for all of us, for this industry, for himself."