WWE has changed plans for Bianca Belair


WWE has changed plans for Bianca Belair
WWE has changed plans for Bianca Belair

As we have seen in the latest episodes of Monday Night Raw and above all at Elimination Chamber, Bianca Belair has received a new challenge for Wrestlemania 39, with Asuka having won the Elimination Chamber match of the ppv of the same name and now she will try to snatch the title of champion of Raw to Montez Ford's wife.

Apparently, however, these were not WWE's original plans, with Bianca Belair who according to the latest rumors should have faced none other than Charlotte Flair in the Showcase of the Immortals and instead due to Ronda Rousey's requests, everything fell through.

The well-known site Fightful took care of reporting this unusual rumor, with Ringside News which transcribed the news of the podcast of the other well-known site, saying: "Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair, WrestleMania: Ronda Rousey's creative adjustments also caused adjustments to this match.

In November, Charlotte was in fact slated to make a return to the Raw brand, before Rousey quit in January and vacated the title. While many speculated that Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair was a WrestleMania match, we have never heard anything that indicated that match could be staged."

Backstage news on Bianca Belair

In recent weeks we have seen Charlotte Flair return to reign on the blue roster of Friday Night Smackdown, with the WWE Queen defeating the former champion of the show in the last 2022 episode of the historic show, surprisingly.

In fact, fans did not expect a return in a simple weekly episode of the show, but at the Royal Rumble, but WWE seems to have upset all its plans, thanks to Rousey's will. According to what was reported in the last few days by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, through the words of Dave Meltzer and then also reported by the pages of Ringside News, it would have been the former champion of the blue show who asked for her removal from the titled lap, with the journalist who stated: "They made the decision to go with Charlotte, which was absolutely a last minute thing, to send her over.

But Ronda decided that she wanted to be Tag Team Champion with Shayna Baszler because that was something she had always wanted to have in WWE, so she asked for this run." During a recent interview with Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Bianca Belair stated that she was emotional after the match.

"A lot of times, I feel like I’m on autopilot where I’m just pushing through and trying to get to what’s next and you really have to stop and reflect on what’s happening and how big moments are and that actually happened to me after the match in Saudi Arabia."

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