Liv Morgan dreams of a future in the world of cinema


Liv Morgan dreams of a future in the world of cinema
Liv Morgan dreams of a future in the world of cinema

Liv Morgan has made a meteoric rise over the past twelve months, electrifying the WWE Universe and establishing herself as one of the top faces of the women's division. Last year, she broke the bank at Money in the Bank and successfully cashed the briefcase from Ronda Rousey.

During a long interview with 'Wes Styles', the 28-year-old expressed her desire to break into the world of cinema in the future: "I've always been fascinated by acting and my work in WWE is very useful to me from this point of view.

It's no coincidence that several wrestlers have had success in Hollywood, precisely because wrestling prepares you for that atmosphere. I love playing different characters and I work hard to improve. My goal is to see how far I can go while still having fun.

I'm experimenting with various things at this stage of my life and hope to make it into filmmaking in the future."

Liv Morgan is very ambitious

Liv Morgan recently revealed that there were moments during her WWE run where she thought she was going to be fired.

The 28-year-old herself was part of the developmental brand, before landing on the main roster and capturing the SmackDown Women's Championship. “There were moments when I was in NXT where I thought I was going to be fired.

I truly believed WWE wanted to get rid of me and I would go to bed crying at night. I wasn't sure if I would still have a job the next day, so you can imagine my mood. Although nothing major had happened, I already had a myriad of regrets.

Looking back on it today, I realize there was no reason to be so scared." Morgan worked hard to get to the top: “Fans have seen me go from a little girl just learning to take a bump to becoming a champion. There were some hard times along the way, but I never stopped believing and fighting to make my dreams come true.

There were many who thought that I would never make it in this business”. During a recent interview with Wes Styles, Liv Morgan stated that she wants to compete in more violent matches in WWE, and listed a few of them: "Yeah, I'd love to do a Steel Cage match, I'd love to do a Hell in a Cell match, I'd love to do an official TLC match - Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.

I love hardcore matches. I've grown accustomed to Street Fights, so I love a good Street Fight. But yeah, I think Hell in a Cell or just a Steel Cage match are one of the few that I haven't been able to do yet that I'm kind of ready and waiting for," said Morgan.

Liv Morgan