Becky Lynch pays tribute to Lita


Becky Lynch pays tribute to Lita
Becky Lynch pays tribute to Lita

As most wrestling fans know, Becky Lynch has never denied being a huge fan of Lita, in fact the girl has said several times that when she was young she even dressed like her being teased by the boys at the gym where she trained because he wore the thong untucked, but according to him: "If Lita does it, then it's cool".

And after having had the opportunity to face his lifelong idol at Elimination Chamber 2022, in a truly beautiful match that made everyone cry, a year later the two joined forces to try to conquer the titles of pair against the champions, in fact on the episode of Raw on February 27, they will clash in a titled match against Damage CTRL.

For the occasion, The Man wanted to write a beautiful post dedicated to Lita and the value that the wrestler has given to her life and career: "I remember being hypnotized the first time I saw @machetegirl on TV. She was cool, she was bold and she was different.

As a young woman, she showed me that it's possible to step outside the box to be successful. There was no need to be the same as others. It's better not to be. As a performer I've been able to take what she's done and build something on it so I can keep changing the game.

I couldn't be more proud to be fighting side by side on Monday. We've done a lot of really great things individually, but to take those tag titles and walk into WrestleMania as champions together, well, that's going to be pretty damn epic."

Becky Lynch praises Lita

Just below in the comments section, Lita herself replied: “The honor is mine, my friend.

There is nothing I want more than to take the tag team division and take it to the next level with you. Let's do it!" The two were also a source of inspiration for the creation of the first and only women's wrestling-themed blog in Italy, or Donne Tra Le Corde, with the founder Rachele Gagliardi who approached professional wrestling as a child thanks to Lita, and then come back to watch it years later thanks to Becky Lynch.

The importance of these two extraordinary women and athletes is undeniable. Eric Bischoff felt Becky Lynch had an authentic gimmick that was unlike any other character in professional wrestling. "Somebody asked me a question; it was in an earlier interview about what's missing? Why doesn't wrestling feel the way it felt before.

I think it's authenticity. There are so very few authentic-feeling characters, especially in WWE, because everything is so well-crafted and polished, except for Becky. Even her social media, there is something special about her as a performer. She really gets it. So, I watch her," added Bischoff.

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