How is Barry Windham after hospitalization?

Windham was a constant fixture in big pro wrestling promotions in the 80s and 90s

by Simone Brugnoli
How is Barry Windham after hospitalization?

On December 5th we reported that Mika Rotunda, daughter of Mike Rotunda, then sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, created a GoFundMe page to ask for help from fans and anyone wishing to donate, to try to help Barry Windham's family who unfortunately he had a heart attack, with doctors trying to do everything to help him and keep him alive.

The woman then had provided a positive update: “I am happy to say that he has stabilized and is out of intensive care. He speaks and is able to stand. Thanks again everyone! There is absolutely power in prayer”. Several weeks later, during the ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson made the following known about Barry Windham's current state of health: “I hear he is recovering slowly.

Hopefully it will be much, much better as time goes on. It was a really bad scare. I know he scared the shit out of all of us as soon as we knew that. He came very very close. I think he is feeling much better now. I don't think he's in a position [where] he can travel or anything like that yet."

Arn Anderson opens up on Barry Windham

Arn Anderson continued: “There's been a lot of thoughts on Barry Windham and his condition, you know, a lot of prayers, and we appreciate it from everyone.

I know the family does. Let's hope Barry can be back on his feet and shooting before we know it." If anyone would like to donate, the GoFundMe page is still active, so anyone can contribute, even if with little, to the legend's medical expenses, which as we know in the United States are not easy to deal with considering that their healthcare is not public but private.

In the meantime, we join all the fans, friends and family in wishing Barry Windham a speedy recovery, hoping to receive more and more positive news about his health and to see him soon in better shape than ever. Ric Flair believes WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham should be remembered in higher regard for his contribution to the pro wrestling business.

"He was so natural, so good. We never talked about anything, we had great chemistry. I wish his name was remembered in more high regard because Barry Windham was one of the greatest of all-time. 'One of the greatest' - I'll use that word for Barry Windham all day long.

When Barry wanted to and when he was healthy, he was as good as anybody, especially considering he's 6'6" and 255-260 pounds," said Ric Flair.