Wrestling veteran pays tribute to Triple H


Wrestling veteran pays tribute to Triple H
Wrestling veteran pays tribute to Triple H

Since Triple H took over as head of the creative team in July of last year, a lot has changed in WWE. The 14-time world champion proved he didn't have the same philosophy as Vince McMahon and convinced several stars who had been released to return to the company.

The Game brought illustrious names back to WWE such as Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Bronson Reed, Johnny Gargano and more. In the latest edition of the '83 Weeks' podcast, Eric Bischoff spent some nice words for HHH: "I listened to Triple H's post-Elimination Chamber press conference and there's no denying that man has a gigantic passion for wrestling.

His enthusiasm has pervaded the whole environment and the WWE product has changed radically in the last six months. It is noted that there is greater organization and that the creative team is not obliged to redo the script on the day of the show.

This new approach has paid huge dividends”.

Eric Bischoff praises Triple H

WWE had to deal with the sensational return of Vince McMahon earlier this year. Vince has been elected as executive chairman of the board of directors and is trying hard to sell the company.

Mr. McMahon would like to earn 9 billion dollars from the sale of his creature, but the actual value of the company would not exceed 6.5 billion. In the latest edition of 'The Wrestling Outlaws', former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo compared Vince McMahon to Walt Disney: "When the great Walt Disney died, one wondered what would become of his company.

No one had the same passion as Walt, just as no one has the same passion for wrestling as Vince. Yet, Disney has moved on even without its founder and has gotten even better. It is not necessary that someone who deeply loves wrestling is running the company, as long as he understands the business.

No one will ever match Vince McMahon's love of wrestling, but I don't rule out that WWE could become even bigger after his passing." According to a new report from Wrestling News Premium, some WWE Superstars are unhappy with Triple H for leaving them off the card for WrestleMania.

"Once WWE gets two world titles, you double the amount of people in the main event. Gunther is ready to step up. I expect by the summer to see him at the top of the card. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins a world title. He might be next in line," said WrestleVotes.

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