WWE Superstar Sonya Deville Arrested on Gun Charge in New Jersey

Sonya Deville, whose real name is Daria Berenato, is a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Superstar Sonya Deville Arrested on Gun Charge in New Jersey

WWE diva Sonya Deville was detained on a weapons accusation in New Jersey on February 19, 2023. According to sources, Deville was pulled over by police early in the morning while driving for a common traffic infraction. Deville was immediately taken into custody after police discovered a gun in her car during the stop.

Deville, whose actual name is Daria Berenato, was brought to the police department and lodged there on suspicion of illegally possessing a firearm. Later that day, she was released on bail, and a court appearance was scheduled soon.

Deville or WWE still needs to remove a formal statement on the subject.

Sonya Deville's Past Legal Troubles

It's not the first time Sonya Deville has encountered legal issues; this most recent one is not. She was the victim of a horrific home invasion in August of 2020 when a man entered her Florida home to kidnap and perhaps hurt her.

Deville and a buddy fled the house, and the burglar was apprehended. The circumstances, however, also made it clear that Deville had already been given a restraining order against the man, an obsessive fan who had been following her for months.

According to reports, Deville issued the order after the man sent her threatening texts and gifts, but it was not done in time to stop the break-in. Her recent arrest on a firearms charge complicated Deville's current legal difficulties.

Given that New Jersey has some of the nation's tightest gun rules, it is currently unknown whether Deville had a valid permit for the firearm discovered in her car. The incident also calls into question the WWE's rules on carrying guns by its wrestlers.

The organization has a history of adopting a strict stance against the use of weapons and drugs, with a zero-tolerance policy that has in the past resulted in the dismissal of multiple wrestlers. The WWE's reaction to Deville's arrest and whether it would affect her status inside the organization still needs to be seen.

Sonya Deville, a WWE diva who has already run into legal issues, is concerned about her recent arrest in New Jersey on a firearms accusation. It is unclear how this would affect Deville's career and whether WWE will take any disciplinary action.

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