Sonya Deville Arrested for Firearms Possession, but No Heat with WWE

WWE superstar Sonya Deville is one wrestler who has been making a name for herself in recent years.

by Noman Rasool
Sonya Deville Arrested for Firearms Possession, but No Heat with WWE

Sonya Deville, a WWE superstar, recently found herself in legal difficulties after being detained in New Jersey for possessing a handgun without permission. The event does not appear to have hurt her standing, though, as there is allegedly no internal tension with her at WWE due to the incident.

The incident that led to Deville's arrest occurred in 2020 when a stalker broke into her home and made an attempt to kidnap her. Deville replied by informing WWE that she would request a gun permit for her protection. Deville received a license in her native Florida when a court sped up the procedure.

Deville's permit, however, did not apply to New Jersey when she passed through that state last month. When looking for a lost ticket for her car, the valet employee found the gun in her glove box. Deville was consequently accused of having a firearm without a license.

Deville will continue to travel with WWE despite the legal issues and will still make her forthcoming appearances. She recently participated in live competitions in Champaign and Rockford, Illinois, and on March 12, she will compete against Charlotte Flair at an event at Madison Square Garden.

Sonya Deville's Contributions to WWE and Impact on the Industry

Deville, a rising star in the company over the past few years, may be relieved that there hasn't been any internal pressure from WWE authorities. Her ring skills and work as a commentator on WWE's reality competition show, Tough Enough, have garnered recognition.

In a historically male-dominated field, Deville has also been candid about her experiences as an openly gay wrestler. The current state of Deville's legal position is still being looked into. Despite this, WWE has continued to schedule appearances for her as a sign of support.

This may indicate that the business respects her abilities and contributions to the industry. WWE's attitude emphasizes the significance of supporting people who have contributed significantly to the industry. At the same time, investigations continue, even though the scenario is still unfolding and the specifics are unclear. The probe's conclusion will ultimately determine the scope of WWE's future support for Deville.

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