Dana Brooke, a WWE superstar, is considering adding boxing to her resume.


Dana Brooke, a WWE superstar, is considering adding boxing to her resume.

Dana Brooke, a WWE "Raw" star, is thinking about learning boxing in addition to her jiu-jitsu background. The 34-year-old stated that boxing is on her bucket list in a recent interview with Fightful Select, and she tries to include it in her weekly workouts.

Even the prospect of getting into a boxing match soon was suggested. Since she debuted with "WWE NXT" in 2013, Brooke has been a part of the WWE. She made her main roster television debut on "SmackDown" in 2016 and has only ever held the 24/7 Championship.

With her first tenure beginning in November 2021, she held the title more than ten times. Brooke also revealed her dissatisfaction with the defunct WWE 24/7 Title, which she held multiple times in the same interview. She admitted that she had suggested several changes for the title, including making it the WWE Women's Intercontinental Championship.

Even though she hasn't recently appeared on "Raw," Brooke has kept up her competition on WWE's other programs. Her final match on "WWE Main Event," in which Candie LeRae and Michin defeated her and Tamina, aired on the program on February 20, 2023.

She also competed in the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble, where she lost in the second round.

Dana Brooke's affection for fitness and exercise fuels her interest in boxing.

With her love of exercise and training, Brooke's interest in boxing is unsurprising.

She is renowned for her remarkable figure and commitment to keeping active. Her already extraordinary physical prowess would improve if she added boxing to her repertoire. Boxing is a demanding sport that requires a lot of perseverance, discipline, and concentration.

It requires physical and mental toughness, which Brooke has demonstrated during her time in the WWE. She would broaden her skill set and put herself to new challenges by taking up boxing. Dana Brooke's passion for boxing demonstrates her commitment to challenging herself professionally and personally.

Her excitement for the sport shows her dedication to maintaining her top physical condition and unrelenting quest for success. Fans may anticipate nothing less than her utmost effort and tenacity if she decides to compete in boxing.

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