Paul Heyman discusses Sami Zayn's popularity and future in WWE.

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Paul Heyman discusses Sami Zayn's popularity and future in WWE.
Paul Heyman discusses Sami Zayn's popularity and future in WWE. (Provided by Wrestling World)

The Special Counsel for Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, recently commented on Sami Zayn's rising recognition among WWE fans. Zayn has gotten accolades for his performances and has played a significant role in the current plot with Reigns and his group, The Bloodline.

Some supporters have even advocated for Zayn to participate in the WrestleMania 39 Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match. Heyman praised Zayn's popularity on "SI Media With Jimmy Traina," but he also said that WWE wanted to improve all of the contenders for Reigns' title.

Heyman stated, "I realize people have often wished for more for Sami. "That is the goal. With every opponent, we strive to achieve that." Heyman cited prior instances where WWE successfully rallied support for Roman Reigns' rivals, like when Drew McIntyre won the championship in Cardiff, Wales, and Brock Lesnar moved the ring with a tractor at SummerSlam the previous year.

Heyman answered, "That's what we do.

Heyman confirms Zayn's continued involvement in WWE storylines

Heyman told the public that Zayn would not be his last time in the spotlight. We can change quickly, he remarked. "I don't think you've seen the last of Sami Zayn because we believe we have an excellent formula and course of action.

I'm willing to bet that Sami Zayn will return." Heyman also underlined that talent may still gain from exposure and gain notoriety even if they lose a title bout to Reigns, which will ultimately result in more product sales.

WWE's programming has benefited from Zayn's popularity, and many viewers have praised his character work and in-ring prowess. Though Heyman's remarks imply that Zayn will continue to play a vital role in the company's storylines, it is still determined how WWE will use him moving forward.

Heyman's remarks are consistent with WWE's objective of showcasing all of its talents and developing powerful rivals to Reigns' tenure as champion. Zayn's popularity is growing, so it will be fascinating to see how WWE uses him moving forward and whether he eventually gets an opportunity at the championship.

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