Jey Uso Chooses Family Over Friendship in WWE Raw

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Jey Uso Chooses Family Over Friendship in WWE Raw
Jey Uso Chooses Family Over Friendship in WWE Raw

Tensions were high during Monday night's "WWE Raw" episode when Kevin Owens maintained his intention to defeat The Bloodline by himself and rejected Sami Zayn's offer to assist. Though many WWE fans in Boston, Massachusetts, were devastated by Jey Uso's decision to stand by his family, that was not the most significant event.

Although undecided about his allegiance in recent weeks, Jey ultimately decided to support The Bloodline, which consists of his brother Jimmy and his cousin Roman Reigns. Jey made it abundantly evident where his allegiances lie with his superkick to Zayn.

In response to Jey's abrupt departure from The Bloodline at the Royal Rumble in January, Jimmy repeatedly attempted to recruit his brother to the organization.

Jey Uso's Allegiance Tested as Zayn Betrays The Bloodline in WWE SmackDown

Jey's loyalty was tested again at Elimination Chamber as he blocked Reigns from using a chair by standing between Zayn and Reigns.

Also, Jey appeared in the audience on a recent "SmackDown" broadcast when Zayn justified turning on The Bloodline. Jey stayed behind the barricade, but it's unclear if he was internally conflicted or only trying to deceive Zayn into feeling secure.

Although Jey's decision to stand behind The Bloodline was a significant victory for the team, the evening was challenging. The Bloodline member Solo Sikoa lost his match earlier at night, and Zayn defeated Jimmy. Additionally, Cody Rhodes' interference prevented The Bloodline from defeating Zayn following Jey's superkick.

WWE fans can anticipate a thrilling "SmackDown" episode this Friday as the conflict between The Bloodline and Zayn continues to heat up. It's safe to say that the consequences of Jey's choice and The Bloodline's difficulties will make for an exciting episode of WWE programming.

The dynamics of the ongoing conflict between The Bloodline and Zayn have changed due to Jey Uso's decision to prioritize family over friendship. Fans should anticipate an exciting "SmackDown" broadcast this coming Friday, albeit only time will tell how this plotline develops.

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