Candice Michelle discusses health issues and potential WWE return"

Candice Michelle, a former WWE Women's Champion, has expressed a desire to rejoin the organization, perhaps as soon as the following year.

by Noman Rasool
Candice Michelle discusses health issues and potential WWE return"

Candice Michelle, a former WWE Women's Champion, intends to return to the sports entertainment industry. Michelle disclosed that she has withdrawn from the public spotlight and social media to concentrate on parenting her children in an interview with WrestlingNewsCo.

She has shown that she needs to get back to WWE and that it could occur when one year from now. Michelle withdrew from WWE in 2009 and has not been spotted around the business since. She imagines that WWE might not have reached her given her takeoff from the spotlight.

Michelle said, "They had no clue what I resembled or was doing. I'm keen on returning to the organization, maybe even the following year. Michelle departed WWE in 2009 and hasn't been spotted around the business since. She thinks that WWE may not have contacted her because of her departure from the spotlight.

Candice Michelle's health struggles amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent years, there have been worries about Michelle's health. She and her family relocated during COVID, and the subsequent adjustments to her way of life impacted her.

I didn't do my exercise how I would have liked to. I didn't have my green shakes and drink my water, you know, I slipped off my rituals a little," she admitted. Regrettably, Michelle's health problems worsened after she experienced a panic attack while shopping with her kids at the mall.

After being taken to the hospital quickly, she developed new health problems. "During the following four months, I experienced an attack every day. I mean every day. For those uninformed, having an assault resembles having your body and psyche run a long distance race.

Subsequently, I felt like I had been beaten into accommodation." Michelle later found no leftover chemicals and was in the third phase of adrenal weariness. Notwithstanding her wellbeing hardships, Michelle seems, by all accounts, to be improving and is restless to get back to WWE.

She has been following current advancements in the business, and recently, she even implied that she might want to contend in the ladies' Regal Thunder fight. With her energy for wrestling and her craving to get back to the spotlight, fans desire to see Candice Michelle return to WWE soon.

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