Paul Heyman on the relationship with Roman Reigns: Spiritually orgasmic

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Paul Heyman on the relationship with Roman Reigns: Spiritually orgasmic
Paul Heyman on the relationship with Roman Reigns: Spiritually orgasmic (Provided by Wrestling World)

Paul Heyman spoke to about working with Roman Reigns. Heyman made an interesting comparison. Heyman and Reigns seem to have a phenomenal relationship; Heyman on their relationship; “Spiritually orgasmic. I often say the relationship, when you work with somebody so closely behind the scenes in the pursuit of doing something that can garner this type of critical acclaim, that the pursuit has to be so transparent and so open with one another that in a completely non-sexual way, you’re far more intimate with that person than you are with your own family.

Because in order to reach those levels, you have to expose your own vulnerabilities, your own fears, and your own concerns”. - he said, as quoted by

Paul Heyman on Sami Zayn

A few days ago, in an interview with Jimmy Traina's SI Media podcast, he also touched on Sami Zayn.

It seems that Heyman and many did not expect much progress from Zayn. “I didn’t imagine Sami Zayn becoming a massive part of this when Sami Zayn was becoming a massive part of. To his enormous credit, Sami Zayn seized the moment.

We’d give him crumbs of a segment and he would just turn it into a moment that he had to connect with the audience with what I think has ended up becoming the most endearing character that we’ve presented in decades, if not ever.

As great of a talker as Sami Zayn is, and he is a magnificent talker, I think Sami resonates with the audience, just because Roman Reigns will turn to him and lean in on him about something, and Sami gets that hush puppy face, and that sad look on his face, and the camera zooms in on the sad look on Sami’s face, and everybody feels for him.

He just endears himself to the audience. They absolutely fall in love with him and his plight and his pursuit of acceptance, which I think is a big part of this is that everyone can relate to the pursuit of acceptance, and that was the tale of Sami Zayn.

He just did it so well, and did it so brilliantly, and with such authenticity, and with genuine angst on his face and pain when spoken down to, that people just felt for him, and as you know, it’s not just constrained to WWE.

In any form of television, movies, Broadway plays, if you get the audience to feel for you, you know, touchdown, victory. It’s everything that a writer, director, producer, and performer seeks”.

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