Paul Heyman Describes Working with Roman Reigns as "Spiritually Orgasmic"

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Paul Heyman Describes Working with Roman Reigns as "Spiritually Orgasmic"
Paul Heyman Describes Working with Roman Reigns as "Spiritually Orgasmic" (Provided by Wrestling World)

One of the most memorable plots in wrestling history, the Bloodline storyline enthralls viewers with its unexpected turns and turns. WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns is at the center of this fascinating tale, while Paul Heyman serves as one of the drama's most important supporting players.

Heyman, one of the company's most giant heels, has been on Reigns' side for over 900 days and has kept up his cunning tactics. In a recent interview with Jimmy Traina of "SI Media," Heyman described what it feels like to work with Reigns every week.

As he described it as "spiritually orgasmic," he made an unusual word choice. To produce anything that will win critical acclaim, Heyman continued, you must have an open and honest relationship with the person you are working with closely.

You have to be closer to that person than your own family because you must share your weaknesses, anxieties, and worries.

The Pursuit of Greatness: Heyman and Reigns' Obsession with Success

Heyman went on to say that Reigns is someone he works with who shares his obsession with greatness and hunger for excellence.

Working with Reigns consistently improves Heyman's performance because he strives to achieve greatness and be the best to have ever done it. It's a thrilling experience for Heyman to keep up with Reigns' development nightly.

The success of the Bloodline narrative depends on the level of closeness and trust between Reigns and Heyman. The viewer can sense how genuine their relationship is, which gives the record a level of depth that isn't otherwise conceivable.

Although Heyman's assessment of working with Reigns as "spiritually orgasmic" may seem out of the ordinary, it reflects how intense their relationship is and how much passion they both bring. The Reigns and Heyman alliance and the Bloodline plotline have been notable moments in professional wrestling.

Although Heyman's account of working with Reigns is unusual, it illustrates the intimacy and confidence necessary to produce outstanding work. The Bloodline storyline, which has established itself as one of the most thrilling and riveting tales in the sport's history, will no doubt continue to surprise and delight wrestling fans.

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