Dana Brooke Unfulfilled Ideas for WWE 24/7 Championship


Dana Brooke Unfulfilled Ideas for WWE 24/7 Championship

Dana Brooke, a former WWE 24/7 Champion, voiced her disappointment at the title's retirement on November 9, 2022, saying it embodied the idea of being a champion at all times, whether inside or outside the ring. The 15-time 24/7 champion had a strong bond with the belt and genuine opinions, especially about the women's division.

In a "Fightful" interview, Brooke wished to make the 24/7 Championship a legitimate women's International championship. She thought that taking such action would inspire women to keep fighting and give them something more to aspire to.

The title was unfortunately retired because none of her ideas were successful. Dana Despite Brooke's disappointment with the WWE 24/7 Championship's retirement, she has many fond memories of her time wearing the title. In addition to seeing it as a mark of superior championship performance, Brooke valued the chances the label gave her to demonstrate her agility in the ring.

One such instance occurred when she defeated Cedric Alexander by pinning him. Brooke also appreciated the comic relief that the 24/7 Championship added to WWE programming by showcasing a more fun side of the industry. Overall, Brooke's tenure as a 24/7 Champion was a critical professional achievement.

Dana Brooke Legacy as a Passionate Defender of the WWE 24/7 Championship

A testament to Brooke's dedication to her art is her enthusiasm for the 24/7 Championship and her desire to improve it for the women's division. She was a tenacious champion who was always prepared to fight to keep the championship around her waist.

Despite losing the championship, Brooke will remain remembered as one of the most successful 24/7 champions. The WWE 24/7 Title held a special place in Dana Brooke's heart, making its retirement a traumatic experience for her.

She had grand ideas to improve the standing of the title, especially for the women's division, but they were never carried out. Despite this setback, Brooke was proud of her time as a 24/7 champion and what the title stood for.

She devoted everything to embodying a champion inside and outside of the ring, and she will treasure her reign as champion.

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