Gunther on WWE and using celebrities for spots

"They’re contributing a lot. They’re putting the work in"

by Sead Dedovic
Gunther on WWE and using celebrities for spots

Gunther spoke with Josh Martinez of Superstar Crossover about some interesting topics. One of the topics was the fact that WWE uses celebrities for spots, rather than the stars of the company. It seems that Gunther has nothing against it, and he also explained the reasons for his stance; “It’s a little bit two-sided because obviously it’s somebody that wrestles all year round and there comes WrestleMania, it’s somebody that is always working there that leads a drive of being like okay, ‘I want to be in that big spectacle.’ And obviously, some spots won’t be available because we have celebrities coming in like Bad Bunny or Logan,” Gunther said, as quoted by

Gunther on celebrities

Gunther gave the example of two celebrities who give their best and know how to attract attention.

He believes that this is the most important thing. “I get that part that there’s a little bit of frustration but on the other hand I think it helps us immensely like it helps everybody involved. It helps our business in general to generate way more attention to it.

The only thing I think is really important is that whoever comes in from the outside and takes part in what we do, he’s got to have a passion as well as everybody else does. He’s got to take it seriously to be part of our product.

I think that’s the case with the celebrities we have right now. They’re contributing a lot. They’re putting the work in. They’re putting their bodies on the line too if you look at everything Logan has done so far.

He’s not hesitating to take any risk. I would say he might be willing to take a little bit more risk than I would personally at the end of the day. Like I said, in those two cases that I just mentioned is an example of who I think are prime examples of how somebody who is a celebrity outside of our world can really contribute positively to our business”.