WWE NXT Provides Medical Update on Roxanne Perez Following Roadblock


WWE NXT Provides Medical Update on Roxanne Perez Following Roadblock
WWE NXT Provides Medical Update on Roxanne Perez Following Roadblock

The newly minted NXT Women's Champion, Roxanne Perez, slumped in the ring following her successful title defense against Meiko Satomura on Tuesday night's "WWE NXT" broadcast, shocking the audience. After a strenuous contest in which Perez pushed her body to the maximum to defend her championship, the occurrence happened.

The show gave a clinical update on Perez's condition in the wake of being cleared by emergency vehicle and did of the field on a cot. The 21-year-old boss was educated that he would go through the night in the medical clinic for perception and testing.

It's essential to remember that this is all part of a kayfabe storyline because many scenes have shown Perez working out for weeks in preparation for the Satomura fight, which now seems to have caught up with her. Despite their fierce rivalry, Perez and Satomura have demonstrated respect for one another.

Before their match on Tuesday night, the two women shook hands. Satomura then presented Perez with the title as a mark of good sportsmanship. Satomura watched the event unfold with anxiety, but a short while later, he waved for help to reach the injured champion.

Shawn Michaels Sends Well Wishes to NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez

Shawn Michaels, who was in attendance at the event, congratulated the champion on her fighting prowess via Twitter. He noted: "What transpired last night demonstrated Roxanne Perez's skill as a fighter.

She gave a ring her best. After a successful title defense, I wish Roxanne a swift recovery." Perez's climb to stardom has been spectacular; she defeated the since-deceased Mandy Rose to win the NXT Women's Title in December.

She did this, making history as the NXT Women's Champion, who was the youngest ever. She also has the chance to participate in the women's Royal Rumble this year as an unknown participant, thanks to her rising popularity. Fans are expecting Perez to recuperate rapidly and return to the ring while they hang tight for more data on her status.

She has acquired a great deal of admirers for her grit and steadiness and has laid down a good foundation for herself as a solid boss.

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