Trish Stratus praises Liv Morgan as a trailblazer in women's wrestling.

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Trish Stratus praises Liv Morgan as a trailblazer in women's wrestling.
Trish Stratus praises Liv Morgan as a trailblazer in women's wrestling. (Provided by Wrestling World)

Female superstars in the WWE have made some fantastic progress lately, with large numbers of them presently assuming vital parts in the outcome of the item. Even with this, it wasn't like this 100% of the time. Ladies' wrestling in WWE was once a reconsideration, with female grapplers consigned to minor jobs and frequently typified on screen.

Yet, that all changed thanks to some degree to the exploring endeavors of ladies like Trish Stratus. The return of female wrestling to the forefront of the WWE is mainly credited to Stratus. In a recent appearance on WWE's "The Bump," Stratus praised current "SmackDown" talent, Liv Morgan, citing her as the ideal representation of her goal.

Liv, you exemplify what we tried to do, stated Stratus. "You put in the effort, commitment, and enthusiasm necessary to pursue your goals, and, in the end, you just did it. I had a blast following your travels. Not because it worked out at long last but because it was precisely what you said it would be.

You said that when you were more youthful, that was what you needed to do; I'm staying here joyfully pleased."

Liv Morgan Thanks Trish Stratus for Paving the Way in Women's Wrestling

Stratus's remarks moved Morgan, and she thanked her for opening the door for today's female talent and continuing to support her professional endeavors.

The WWE Women's Championship battle between Stratus and Lita, which served as the show's main event on December 6, 2004, was a source of inspiration for Morgan for a long time. On what Morgan can do to keep improving, Stratus offered a straightforward suggestion.

According to Stratus, the best advice is to keep doing what you're doing. Stratus said that she knew Morgan's affinity for the wrestling industry when they first met and that affection still exists now. In the ring, Morgan's commitment to her art is clear, and Stratus thinks she has what it takes to rise to the top of the WWE roster.

It's encouraging to witness the connection amongst female wrestlers of different generations, especially as younger talent like Morgan receives guidance and encouragement from Stratus. Although women's wrestling in WWE has advanced much since Stratus's early days, it is evident that her legacy endures in the passion and tenacity of the current crop of female superstars.

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